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Phil Robertson Introduces Recently Discovered Adult Daughter

The former star of "Duck Dynasty" first learned of her earlier this year after she contacted his family by letter.

Phil Robertson (middle) and his daughter Phyllis (wearing glasses) together with the rest of the Robertson clan. Image: Willie Robertson/Instagram.

This article is the follow-up to a story we brought you just days ago, when Phil Robertson announced on his podcast, Unashamed: With Phil Robertson, that he has a 45-year-old daughter named Phyllis from an extramarital affair (that took place before he became the outspoken Christian that he is to this day). She first reached out to him last December and after DNA testing indicated she was likely his daughter, and once Phil took his own DNA test to confirm it, he and his family welcomed her warmly.

In the latest edition of his podcast, Phyllis joined her father, two of her four half-brothers and Phil's wife, Miss Kay, whom Phyllis calls her "special mom," though she's actually her step mother. Like her newly discovered family, Phyllis is a Christian, as are her husband and two adult sons. And they are committed, having even served on a five year international mission, so she and the rest of the Robertsons have much more in common than just blood ties.

Phyllis is obviously an upright person as well, because once she suspected Phil was her father, she inquired with his sons about whether she should pursue establishing a relationship, knowing that doing so could prove painful for Miss Kay. That turned out not to be a problem because, as Phyllis stated in the podcast, Miss Kay is "a gracious, kind, Godly woman."

As Phil has repeatedly acknowledged, he was deeply involved in a sinful lifestyle as a young husband and father, including drug and alcohol abuse and marital infidelity. Miss Kay was committed to their marriage, however, and at 28 years of age Phil was born again - the same year, it turns out, that Phyllis was born...unbeknownst to him. He says he's glad they found each other, telling her in the podcast, "Girl, you're the best thing that ever came out of my past," to which Miss Kay loudly retorted: "Amen!"

Phyllis' mother never told her about Phil, but she long suspected the man she knew as her father was likely not actually biologically related to her because of physical differences between her and her brother and sister and periodic comments from extended family alluding to it. When she finally met Phil and his sons (her half brothers) earlier this year, Phyllis says "it was beautiful," adding that the feel of family was instant.

"There was never any awkward. It was just like puzzle pieces clicking into place. It just made sense, it felt right. It was like I've always known you in a way."

What an uplifting story. Phil Robertson himself probably described it best, calling the situation one of "redemption, reconciliation, love," which is exactly what you would hope for in a family of Christians.

There is much more of interest in the podcast that we simply do not have the time or space to get into, like how Phil's sons reacted to the first letter from Phyllis, why Phyllis didn't want to watch much of Duck Dynasty once she realized Phil was her father, and what her reaction was to seeing him in person for the first time when he was preaching at church the Sunday after Christmas. You can find out all the details in the podcast, which you can watch below; it runs about 53 minutes and we recommend you check it out.


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