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Kay Robertson Hopes "The Blind" Leads People to Jesus and Saves Marriages

The faith-based film portrays her husband Phil's tumultuous journey to salvation.

Kay and Phil Robertson interact with fans at screening of "The Blind."
Kay and Phil Robertson interact with fans at a screening of "The Blind." Image: Kay Robertson/from Instagram.

The commitment of Kay Robertson to Phil in the early years of their marriage in the 1960s was no doubt a work of God, because not only was her husband a heavy drinker and a philander, but he even threw her and their three young sons out of the house and onto the street. As The Blind makes clear, however, she nevertheless refused to pursue a divorce, and their marriage relationship was ultimately restored when he accepted Christ as Savior.

A movie poster for "The Blind," starring Amelia Eve and Aron von Andrian as Kay and Phil Robertson.
A movie poster for "The Blind," starring Amelia Eve and Aron von Andrian as Kay and Phil Robertson. Image: Tread Lively productions and Fathom Events/from Instagram.

The movie - which stars British actors Amelia Eve as Kay (better known to fans of Duck Dynasty, of course, as Miss Kay) and Aron von Andrian as Phil - pulls no punches about the difficulties the couple faced in their marriage. The production is clearly resonating with audiences, too, because it is performing well at theaters, having claimed fourth place at the box office on its opening weekend, as Christian Film Blog previously reported.

The Robertsons have been actively promoting the movie as well, making appearances recently at showings in Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas. At one of them, Kay addressed moviegoers, saying she is glad to share her story, while also acknowledging that it is "embarrassing at times" (she then nodded at Phil, adding, "thanks to you," which drew a laugh from the crowd). Ultimately, however, she wants the personal testimony that is this film to impact others in a meaningful way.

"We didn't make it for the money. We made it because we want people to come to Jesus and we want to save marriages."

Robertson added, in fact, that she is aware of one couple that was preparing to file divorce paperwork, only to change their minds and seek marriage counseling instead after they watched The Blind. If you have not yet seen it, you can find a theater in your area and purchase tickets via this link to the website of distributor Fathom Events.


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