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"The Blind" Becomes Fathom Event's All-Time Top Box Office Film

This biopic about Phil Robertson displaces a production from "The Chosen" as the distributor's number-one money maker.

Aron von Andrian and Amelia Eve portray Phil and Kay Robertson in "The Blind."
Aron von Andrian and Amelia Eve portray Phil and Kay Robertson in "The Blind." Image: Tread Lively productions/Fathom Events.

Having already extended its theatrical run more than once, the success of The Blind comes as no surprise. In fact, it has placed in the Top-10 at the box office each of the three weekends it has been in release.

This production, which follows the journey to faith of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, last night pushed its total ticket sales to $14.63 million, according to The Numbers website. That figure puts it just in front of The Chosen Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2, which released in theaters in November of last year via Fathom Events and had previously occupied the distribution company's top spot.

A joint venture between movie theater chains AMC, Cinemark and Regal Cinemas, Fathom Events specializes in limited run special engagements that typically last for just a few days. The aforementioned production from The Chosen, however, ran 23 days on the big screen and The Blind has already been in release for 22 days, so they diverge from the distributor's normal approach in that respect, but that, of course, is due to their outstanding financial performances.

The Blind is not done yet either, with the current plan being for it to stay in theaters through October 26th, meaning it will strengthen its hold on the number one position with Fathom Events. Interestingly, The Chosen will soon have multiple opportunities to regain that top spot, as it plans to release a Christmas Special and all of Season 4 in theaters over the next few months via the distributor.


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