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Phil Robertson: "Thankful Every Day That Jesus Changed my Life"

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The trailer is now out for the biopic about the famous duck hunter and his journey of faith.

Amelia Eve and Aron Von Andrian appear in a scene from "The Blind."
Amelia Eve and Aron Von Andrian appear in a scene from "The Blind." Image: Tread Lively.

Phil Robertson rose to fame from 2012-2017 on the reality television show Duck Dynasty, which profiled his duck call business, his family and his deep Christian faith. It is his early life, however, that will be the focus of The Blind, which hits theaters in September.

What a stark contrast it will present between the devout man Robertson has become and the man he was before turning to Christ, when his life was characterized by addiction, violent outbursts and marital infidelity. He is played in the picture by British actor Aron Von Andrian, and his wife Kay - better known as Miss Kay - is portrayed by Amelia Eve, another Briton.

In a social media post this week announcing the release of the trailer, Phil pointed to the hope that comes through faith in Jesus, saying, "If redemption can happen for me, it can happen for any of us." He also expressed his gratitude both to the Savior and to Kay, who stayed with him during the difficult early years of their marriage.

"I'm thankful every day that Jesus changed my life and Miss Kay stuck by me through bad times and worse. She's the best woman there is, and I love her."

The Blind is currently scheduled for an eight-day limited release starting on September 28th. Tickets are already on sale and you can purchase them to a theater in your area via this link to the website of distributor Fathom Events. Check out the trailer below to get a better sense for what to expect.


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