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"Superspreader" from Christian Singer Sean Feucht Releases This Week

The documentary follows his campaign to lead worship gatherings across the country during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

A screenshot of Sean Feucht leading an outdoor worship service from the trailer of "Superspreader."
A screenshot of Sean Feucht leading an outdoor worship service from the trailer of "Superspreader: The Rise of Let Us Worship." Image: Iconic Releasing/YouTube.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, government at all levels clamped down on rights and freedoms throughout much of America, with the state of California even going so far as to prohibit singing at church services in the state. It was that sort of restrictive overreach that prompted Christian worship leader Sean Feucht to "take a stand," as he puts it in the trailer for Superspreader: The Rise of Let Us Worship.

The documentary tracks the movement led by the 39-year-old husband and father of four to fight for religious liberty and bring the hope of the Gospel to cities across America. In a press release for the film, the former worship leader from California's Bethel Church states that the government response to the virus "revealed the chains of depression, fear and control that were seizing our nation," adding that hIs worship tour was meant to point to the hope we have through Christ, even in times of crisis.

"I'm thrilled for audiences to gather together in movie theaters to witness God's hand in the #LetUsWorship movement. It's my prayer that this film shows an even greater number of people what can happen when we march into battle and call on the God of Hope."

Superspreader: The Rise of Let Us Worship is playing in a one-day special engagement this Thursday, September 29th, at theaters nationwide. You can find a venue in your area and purchase tickets via this link to the movie's website, and the trailer below will give a feel for what to expect in the meantime.


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