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Stephen Kendrick Discusses Hearing God's Will on Projects Like "Show Me the Father"

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

One half of the Kendrick Brothers' filmmaking team, he says the documentary came out "way better than anybody anticipated."

Stephen Kendrick with his daughter Karis at the Christian Worldview Film Festival in 2020. Image: Stephen Kendrick/Instagram.

With hit movies like War Room, Courageous and Fireproof to their credit, Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick are the top moviemakers in the faith-based genre. The Georgia brothers are trying something new with their next picture, though: Show Me the Father is their first documentary.

It releases in theaters in September and focuses on five stories of fatherhood, including one about Stephen and a daughter he and his wife adopted from China. In the latest episode of the Pure Flix Podcast, he says this film will then "interweave them with truths about the fatherhood of God."

The brothers - both of whom are fathers of six children - serve as executive producers on this project and Stephen mentions in the interview that the documentary is "an emotional rollercoaster" with "some great twists and turns in it." He couldn't be happier with the way the film turned out.

"So we shoot this documentary during a Covid year, we cut it together and it ends up being way better than anybody anticipated."

He also discusses how he and Alex decide which projects to bring to fruition, mentioning that at times they've got ideas for 20 features, five documentaries and even possible TV shows they're considering. Ultimately, they turn to the Lord for guidance, putting each of the projects into what Stephen calls a "prayer incubator,"

"We pray for that confirmation and God will give it to us in His Word, He'll give it to us with one another, and we'll shoot down each other's ideas all the time: 'that's a good idea, not a God idea' kind of a deal. But when it's of the Lord, there's this sense of the wind is blowing, lift your wings."

The brothers are both former pastors and obviously want to impact moviegoers for eternity through their work. In another sign of their dependence on our Heavenly Father, Stephen acknowledges that he and Alex "can make a movie, but only God can change the heart."

You'll be able to see Show Me the Father in theaters nationwide starting September 10th and the trailer below will give you a feel for what to expect. In the meantime, we recommend you listen to the full podcast interview Stephen gave to Pure Flix. He hits at about five minutes in and it runs 25 minutes.


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