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Stephen Curry Takes his Talents from the Hardwood to Hollywood

The professional basketball player signs on as executive producer for the Christian film "Breakthrough."

Curry, an all-star guard for the NBA's Golden State Warriors, lists himself first as a "Believer" on his Twitter home page and is demonstrating his commitment to the faith with this step.

Based on a book called The Impossible by Joyce Smith, Breakthrough tells the true story of her 14-year old son John's death and return to life after he fell through the ice on a frozen lake and drowned. Smith details in the book how she prayed by her son's body until he was resurrected by the power of God.

Curry was approached about the project by producer Devon Franklin, known for the hit Christian films Miracles from Heaven and The Star, and agreed to sign on within 24 hours. He calls the story "incredible" and tells the Hollywood Reporter he really wanted to help make it happen.

"It's a story about the power of prayer and perseverance and one I immediately connected to. After reading the script, I knew I wanted to be a part of bringing it to life on screen."

This movie endeavor is not something out of left field for Curry. Earlier this year, he launched Unanimous Media and has a deal with Sony Pictures for faith-based film and TV content. As to Breakthrough, he will be involved in the film's grassroots marketing campaign, using his social media accounts to drum up interest.

The film stars Chrissy Metz (This is Us) as Joyce Smith and also features Topher Grace (That '70's Show). It is due out in theaters in April, 2019.


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