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Stephen Baldwin has "Never Trusted Jesus More"

A Believer for two decades, his deepening prayer life has brought the actor into a much closer relationship with the Lord.

Stephen Baldwin in a scene from the 2019 movie "The Least of These." Image: Skypass Entertainment.

With some 100 movies to his credit, Stephen Baldwin, has been around Hollywood for a long time. He sticks mostly with faith-based films these days, including his latest picture Church People, a spoof about the megachurch phenomenon, which he also produced.

In an interview with The Pure Flix Podcast, Baldwin, who turns 55 in May and became a grandfather for the first time late last year, says he considers himself "blessed beyond belief." And he emphasizes the preeminence of his Christian Faith, underlining how much the Lord has helped him mature in the last few years, adding that he has started to "turn the phone off" and begin each day with God.

Baldwin's also learned to focus on prayer, which he admits he previously never liked. He realized, however, he was being prompted to "submit to prioritizing this" and that the Lord helped him change his view.

"The Bible says He can do for you what you can never do for yourself. I just never saw myself as a prayer person."

While adding he's not one to do things for God in order to get something in return, Baldwin's new-found faithfulness in prayer has delivered results. He relates how he was recently offered a film project in Ireland, but told those behind it he needed to pray about it first. One week later, a group of five churches also based in Ireland approached him about a possible tour to show an existing film of his, Thief on the Cross. Baldwin takes it as a signal that he is "most probably in God's will.

"He pointed me towards Ireland. I responded and then this other opportunity came."

Sounds to us like one of those very clear instances of the Lord's faithful response to prayer when we as Believers surrender to Him, committing ourselves in obedience to pursue His will rather than our own. And Baldwin, who says he's "never trusted Jesus more" than he does now, is clearly doing that.

There is much more in this interview worth the 20 minutes it will take you to listen, which you can do via this link to the Pure Flix Podcast...there are other unrelated items in the podcast, too, but Baldwin comes at approximately the five-minute mark. And if you haven't seen Church People, it is currently available for virtual screenings through the movie's website. You can read our review here and check out the trailer below.


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