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Stage Extravaganza "Jesus" to Stream for Easter

From the famous Sight & Sound Theatres, the performance will be available live for one night only.

A scene on the Sea of Galilee from the stage production "Jesus." Image: Sight & Sound Theatres.

If you're looking for an uplifting way to spend Good Friday evening with the family, we recommend you check out the musical production Jesus. It will take place live at the Sight & Sound Theatres facility in Branson, MO and be available to stream in real time around the world.

This is only the second of their stage performances to be transmitted live: the other being Queen Esther in 2020, a step taken because of coronavirus-related restrictions on in-person gatherings. That event drew viewers in 100 countries and followed on the heels of a pre-recorded Easter showing of Jesus, which was streamed to an audience of nearly three million viewers.

A digital poster for the production. Image: Sight & Sound Theatres.

The theater productions are part of Sight & Sound Ministries and have been a huge hit ever since they started putting on Biblical shows 40 years ago in Lancaster, PA. They have one theater there and a second in Branson, and if you haven't been before, get ready: the performances are dazzling and the scale is stunning!

The theater facilities feature 2,000 seats and a 300-foot (100-meter) stage that surrounds the audience on three sides. And they fill that stage with 50 cast members, live animals and set decorations and props the likes of which you have never seen in a theatrical production on Broadway in New York or in London's West End. These are extravaganzas in the truest sense of the word.

But while they absolutely deliver world-class entertainment, the stories told all hold true to the Bible narrative and are designed, as the group's mission statement makes clear, "to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sow the Word of God into the lives of our customers." Hard to ask for more than that from a night of family entertainment.

If you'd like to watch this performance of Jesus, it will stream live tomorrow, April 2nd, at 7:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) via pay-per-view on Sight & Sound TV. It costs $35, or you can purchase a season pass for $89.99 and thereby gain access to other shows as well. This link to the trailer will give a sense of what to expect.


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