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"Sound of Freedom" Racks It up at the Box Office

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The faith-based thriller starring Jim Caviezel claims third place over the weekend.

Jim Caviezel appears in a scene from "Sound of Freedom."
Jim Caviezel appears in a scene from "Sound of Freedom." Image: Angel Studios/screenshot from YouTube.

Despite an unconventional opening-day release on a Tuesday, which was the 4th of July, Sound of Freedom still managed to come in third from Friday through Sunday, its first weekend in theaters. It brought in an impressive $19.6 million, according to The Numbers website, taking its six-day ticket revenue to a whopping $41.6 million, nearly three times its estimated $14 million production budget.

Based on actual events, the movie tells the story of Tim Ballard, a Department of Homeland Security official who resigned from that agency in order to devote himself to fight against the diabolical evil that is the child sex trafficking trade. Jim Caviezel, a committed Believer who played the Jesus character in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, portrays Ballard and seeks to find the missing sister of a young boy he has already rescued; Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino has a supporting role in the picture.

Sound of Freedom was in limbo for years, having been completed in 2018 as a 20th Century Fox project. It was then shelved, however, by The Walt Disney Company when it took over that studio the following year. The movie's rights were eventually purchased back by the filmmakers and it is being distributed by Utah-based Angel Studios, the former partners of The Chosen, which of course is the hit streaming series about the life of Christ.


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