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A New Children's Book from Kirk Cameron Condemns the Sin of Pride

Its release also happens to coincide with so-called "Pride Month" in America.

Christian actor Kirk Cameron poses for a picture featured on his website.
Christian actor Kirk Cameron poses for a picture featured on his website. Image:

Kirk Cameron is pointing to humility as the antidote to pride in his latest book for the little ones, Pride Comes Before the Fall. This is the second literary work for children from the Christian actor in the last six months and, as with his previous book, As You Grow, this latest one is based on Biblical principles.

Kirk Cameron holds a copy of his new children's book, "Pride Comes before the Fall."
Kirk Cameron holds a copy of his new children's book, "Pride Comes Before the Fall." Image: Brave Books.

As the title suggests, it focuses on what Cameron points out heads the list of the seven deadly sins, as they are known in Christian tradition. A synopsis states that the book "teaches kids the dangers of being prideful and the importance of having a humble spirit instead," doing so through a tiger known as Valor, whose haughty pride turns into humility over the course of a race.

As with the last book, this one features rich illustrations and it uses animal characters to tell the tale. Cameron again partnered with publisher Brave Books, which prints Christian and family-friendly morality stories largely written by famous conservatives.

In a promotional video, the 52-year-old husband and father of six adult children pointed to what's known as "Pride Month," a celebration of homosexuality marked in June, as an example of the problem. He says parents and grandparents must be prepared "to teach the next generation right morals," to combat the wrong that much of American society is currently pushing.

"Our kids are being indoctrinated by a selfish culture. And we're seeing the consequences of that all around us: truth is exchanged for a lie, good things are passed off as evil."

As Christian Film Blog previously reported here and here, Cameron faced rejection from public libraries when he requested to hold public readings of As You Grow, despite the fact that the same facilities had earlier opened their doors to "drag queens," which is to say cross-dressing men, to hold story-time events of their own. The former star of Fireproof and Growing Pains only won access himself after threating the libraries with legal action.

If you are interested in purchasing either of Cameron's books, you can do so via this link to his publisher's website. We will keep you posted on developments, because he is planning to write six more of these, each focusing on another sin in that aforementioned famous list.


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