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"Sound of Freedom" Lands in the Top-10 at the Box Office for 2023

The biopic thriller led the charge in a particularly strong year for faith-based films.

Lead actor Jim Caviezel appears in a scene from the 2023 box office hit, "Sound of Freedom."
Lead actor Jim Caviezel appears in a scene from the 2023 box office hit, "Sound of Freedom." Image: Angel Studios.

It seems that over the last several years, the Christian movie genre has gone from strength to strength, and 2023 was no different, with five features claiming a spot inside the Top-100 money-makers at the North American box office. Leading the way is Sound of Freedom, which brought in an incredible $184 million dollars from domestic ticket sales, according to The Numbers website (as a point of refence, Barbie topped the overall list at a gargantuan $636 million).

Based on actual events, Sound of Freedom stars Jim Caviezel as a U.S. government official who quits his job in order to devote himself fulltime to the fight against child sex trafficking. Not only did the picture deliver in the States, it drew massive audiences around the globe, bringing in total worldwide revenue of $248 million; as Christian Film Blog previously reported, it now ranks second all-time in the faith-based genre, outpaced by only the 2004 smash hit The Passion of the Christ, which also starred Jim Caviezel.

Next on the revenue list from 2023 is Jesus Revolution from the Erwin Brothers: it came in 48th place overall with domestic ticket sales of $52 million. Also making the Top-100 at the box office for last year are The Blind at number 80, His Only Son at 92, and The Shift at 97.

With several movies from top Christan filmmakers scheduled to release in 2024, we suspect it will prove to be another good year. Check back in with Christian Film Blog later this week, because we plan to put up an article previewing some of those high-profile films that are scheduled to roll out.


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