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Seal of Approval for "Miracle on Christmas"

Our inaugural feature gets a thumbs-up from a highly esteemed Christian organization.

A digital poster for "Miracle on Christmas." Image: Horse is Ready Productions.

Having written and directed Miracle on Christmas, we've covered the movie extensively on these pages, as you will know if you are a regular reader. And while we'll grant you that the Christmas season has now passed, this is an important story that we neglected to report earlier.

Our movie earned the imprimatur of the Dove Foundation, a Christian group that reviews works ranging from film and TV to books and audio productions. And not only did we get a "Dove Seal," but we got the best of the bunch: "Dove Approved for All Ages!"

In their accompanying review of Miracle on Christmas, which you can read here, they gave the picture top marks in both the "Faith" and "Integrity" categories. It did receive a light caution under the "Other" heading because one of the characters is an unbeliever...that, of course, was a very deliberate choice on our part and said character reflects the real world, one, and we feel it adds a lot to the story, two. At any rate, the opening line of the Dove Foundation review is so effusive in its praise, it almost makes us blush.

"First of all, WOW! Miracle on Christmas is a fantastically heartwarming holiday film that combines faith and real-life difficulties in a unique and entertaining way."

Would that every response to the movie were as gushing as that one! In addition to being "heartwarming" and "entertaining," though, our picture endeavors to shine a bright light on the hope that came with the birth of Christ all those years ago in Bethlehem. And that is a hope which transcends the Yuletide season and even time itself, making the film relevant viewing right now, a couple weeks after Christmas, particularly on the heels of the tumultuous week America just endured.

So if you haven't yet seen Miracle on Christmas, watch it this weekend.


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