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"Run the Race" Slows its Pace

The Christian film from executive producer Tim Tebow sees a steep drop in its theater count in weekend number six.

Tanner Stine's character scores a touchdown in a scene from "Run the Race."

Run the Race brought in just over $54,000, putting it in 38th place according to preliminary numbers from Box Office Mojo. That's nearly a 70% drop in revenue from the previous weekend and is largely due to an equivalent fall in the theater count. The Chris Dowling-directed picture is now playing in just 136 venues.

The film, which stars Tanner Stine and Evan Hofer as brothers relying on each other, their athletic talents and Christian faith to cope with difficult life circumstances, has climbed to 39th on Box Office Mojo's Christian genre all-time revenue list. It's unclear when it will reach the end of its theatrical run, but it should move up a few more places before then.


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