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"Run the Race" from the Tebow Brothers is a Family Affair

Robby and Tim are executive producers of this upcoming Christian film.

Robby and Tim Tebow.

A coming of age movie, Run the Race focuses on two brothers dealing with hardship after the death of their mother. The boys use their athletic gifts, including on the football field, to help overcome the adversity.

Robby Tebow is a former college football player, as is his younger brother, Tim, who of course won the Heisman Trophy and two national championships as quarterback at the University of Florida. So there are some clear personal parallels here for them with this film.

Unlike the boys in the movie, however, the Tebows grew up in a stable home of Christian missionaries. Robby tells Movieguide he nevertheless feels they share some similiarities beyond just football with the fictional brothers.

"The story is about family in general, relationships that mold you."

The project first came to their attention in 2013 and Robby says he was ready to jump in right away. "I immediately felt called to the story." He's since learned that things don't move so fast in the movie business, but, five years later, the film is now ready.

Directed by Chris Dowling (Where Hope Grows) and starring Evan Hofer and Tanner Stine, Run the Race, opens in theaters February 22, 2019.


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