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"Run the Race" Edges into Christian Top-40

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Another solid weekend moves the film up the all-time box office list in the faith-based genre.

Kelsey Reinhardt and Tanner Stine (foreground) in a scene from "Run the Race."

Run the Race brought in $172,000 over the weekend, putting it in 24th place overall in a list compiled by The Numbers. That brings the Chris Dowling-directed picture's total revenue to just under $6.2 million as it heads into its fifth week in release.

That is enough to move it into 40th place all-time among Christian films, according to Box Office Mojo. And it is likely to climb a couple more spots over the course of this week, too, since it is close to the next movie or two currently above it. The dynamics are such, however, that Run the Race will assuredly not break into the top 30 before its theatrical run comes to a close.

That's because the film is already down to 352 theaters, from a high of 1,075 two weeks ago, and its box office numbers are dropping commensurately. Besides, the gap between where it now stands and the number 30 position is simply unbridgeable: just over six million dollars, or double its current revenue.

This film stars Tanner Stine and Evan Hofer as high school brothers trying to surmount very difficult circumstances by relying on each other, their athletic talents and their Christian faith. It has a strong cast and has no doubt benefited from the efforts of executive producer Tim Tebow - likely the most prominent Christian athlete in America - to generate public interest in the picture.


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