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Roma Downey: Hunger for God Behind Success of Faith-Based Films

The actress and producer says if you are a screenwriter looking for a great story, "the Bible has everything," particularly hope.

Roma Downey, producer of "Resurrection," at her home in the fall of last year. Image: Roma Downey/Instagram.

Roma Downey rose to prominence on Touched by an Angel, a TV series she co-starred in with Della Reese from 1993 through 2003. And while she has continued her work in front of the camera, it is as a producer that she seems to being having the most impact these days.

She and husband Mark Burnett are currently enjoying the success of their new movie Resurrection, which is now streaming on Discovery Plus. It is the latest faith-based, Biblical project from the two, including their TV-miniseries The Bible, the movie Son of God and the NBC series A.D. The Bible Continues.

The 60-year-old Downey, who was born in Northern Ireland, tells Fox News that she and Burnett are "just trying to add light to the world" through their aptly named production company LightWorkers Media, a division of MGM. Being a committed Christian, she feels there is no better source for projects than the Bible.

"It's the greatest story. If you’re a screenwriter, the Bible has everything. There’s tension, betrayal, love, sacrifice, heroism, drama, danger - you name it. It has all the ingredients that make up a great story. But it’s deeper than that. People are hungry for God. I think they’re hungry for hope."

And that hope, which comes from a personal relationship with the Lord, is something Downey has leaned on repeatedly in her own life, particularly in times of bereavement. At the tender age of just 10, she lost her mother unexpectedly to a heart attack, and has since also endured the death of a brother and her father. She says she would not have been able to endure it "without the hope of the resurrection."

"It was my faith that buoyed me. It was my faith that kept me from sinking to my knees. It was my faith that helped me stand back up again."

What a powerful testimony that is from our Christian sister. We always find it so encouraging when those God blesses - like Roma Downey - give Him the glory and strive to edify fellow Believers and be salt and light to others even through trials.

One final note on the professional front: Downey says she and Burnett have "lots of things" they are currently developing, including another New Testament project related to the Book of Acts, which they plan to start filming this summer. Christian Film Blog will keep you abreast of developments as we get them.


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