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Release Date Announced for Next Installment of "The Chosen"

The sixth episode of season two of this series about the life of Christ premieres on Wednesday of next week.

Shahar Isaac (left foreground) and Jonathan Roumie (right foreground) in a scene from Episode 6. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Fans of The Chosen have been waiting since May 23rd when Episode 5 debuted and proceeded to generate controversy because of several scenes, as we reported here. Among them was the apparent backsliding of Mary Magdalene, played by Elizabeth Tabish, who is featured in the digital promotional photo for Episode 6, entitled Unlawful.

The digital poster for the next episode of the show. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

The creator/director of this faith-based series, Dallas Jenkins, released a teaser trailer several weeks ago and it indicates that the Apostles Peter (Shahar Isaac) and Matthew (Paras Patel) will be tasked with bringing her back into the fold; that mission, it would seem, is complicated by tense relations between the two, a storyline that has been playing out since the program's first season, when Matthew was still a tax collector.

There are also Pharisees plotting dirty deeds, news of John the Baptist's arrest, and a moment when Jesus, who is played by American actor Jonathan Roumie, points out to his charges the increasing resistance they are running into.

"Have you noticed that no matter where we go recently, we are more and more misunderstood?"

As we reported last month, Jenkins indicated in a social media post that this next episode will deliver "lots of cool things" and "lots of upsetting things." It premieres Wednesday of next week - June 23rd - at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) and you can watch it free of charge on the show's app - Android or Apple - its website or YouTube channel. That teaser trailer for Episode 6 is available in the YouTube link below and starts at 59:39 into it.


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