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"Redeeming Love" Goes on Sale Next Week

The movie version of Francine Rivers' bestselling Christian novel has underwhelmed at the box office.

Lead actress Abigail Cowen appears in a scene from "Redeeming Love."
Lead actress Abigail Cowen appears in a scene from "Redeeming Love." Image: Universal Pictures.

After 40-plus days in theaters, Redeeming Love will wrap up its theatrical run this weekend. The movie, now playing in only 76 theaters, has brought in $9.2 million, which must be a disappointment for Universal Pictures and the filmmakers in light of the tremendous success of the bestselling novel upon which it is based: Francine Rivers' book sold four million copies.

Blu-ray cover for "Redeeming Love."
"Redeeming Love" becomes available for purchase in all formats next week. Image: Universal Pictures.

The story is set in 1850s-era California during the Gold Rush and focuses on a woman who was sold into prostitution as a child. Played by Abigail Cowen, she meets a man (Tom Lewis) who loves her deeply nonetheless, in a story that is loosely inspired by the Old Testament book of the Bible, Hosea.

Rated PG-13, the film - as we reported when it released - drew negative reviews from many Christian critics and similar responses from some moviegoers because of the heavy subject matter and graphic manner in which it is portrayed. That undoubtedly contributed to the relatively modest revenue at the box office.

Redeeming Love goes on sale in digital format on Monday, March 7th, and will be available for purchase on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, March 8th. In addition to the film itself, this home entertainment version included deleted scenes and a message from Francine Rivers. You can find out where to get it via this link to the distributor's website.

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