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"Redeeming Love" Clings to a Spot in the Box Office Top-20

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The faith-based romance managed the feat despite a huge drop in its theater count from a week ago.

Abigail Cowen appears in a scene from "Redeeming Love."
Abigail Cowen appears in a scene from "Redeeming Love." Image: Universal Pictures.

Redeeming Love wrapped up its fifth weekend in theaters with a box office take of $104,000, according to The Numbers website, putting it in 19th place overall from Friday through Sunday. The modest revenue - down 71% from a week earlier - is in large part due to a major drop in the number of venues showing the movie: just 369, which is down 611 theaters from the previous weekend.

Based on a Francine Rivers' novel by the same name, Redeeming Love stars Abigail Cowen and Tom Lewis and tells a story of unconditional love by focusing on a woman who was sold into prostitution as a child and eventually meets a man who cares for her deeply regardless of her background. The heavy thematic material is at times graphically portrayed, which has drawn strong criticism within the Christian community and no doubt negatively impacted the movie's total revenue - $9.1 million thus far.

American Underdog is another faith-based film that has performed significantly better overall, though it came in 23rd place over the weekend, having generated a humble $57,000. Now playing in just 197 theaters, the biopic about Hall-of-Fame football player Kurt Warner has brought in a solid $26.4 million since it debuted on Christmas Day.


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