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Reality TV Star Musters the Courage to Sing for the Lord

Sadie Robertson goes into the recording studio and way outside her comfort zone.

The 21-year old former Duck Dynasty personality and Dancing With The Stars contestant just put out her first song. It's called One and it delivers a message of unity for Christians.

The song came about as part of Live Original, Sadie Robertson's motivational speaking tour to invigorate young believers in their faith. Being a devout Christian herself, she says she wanted a worship 'anthem' to cap off those appearances. Since she could not find one that fit, she penned her own song and recorded it with her team, LO Worship.

"I actually found my voice when I actually genuinely found the passion to just worship and the passion to lead a charge of unity."

Robertson readily acknowledges she knows virtually nothing about music and, with a laugh, says her "voice was shot" after the studio session because it required some eight hours and 70 takes to get through it. To top it off, her number one fear is - wait for it - singing in front of people! But she prayed about it - and texted her mother to do the same - and was able to overcome her anxiety.

"It was about writing something that echos the heart of Jesus: there's no fear in that."

You can get the song One on Apple Music and Spotify. The behind the scenes video below is also worth watching because, in addition to now being "fearless" about singing in front of people, Robertson is also a genuinely good sport and readily pokes fun at herself over the challenging recording session.


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