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Publicity Push for "Overcomer"

The Christian film from the Kendrick Brothers debuts later this week and they are getting the word out.

Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick & Priscilla Shirer on FNC's "Fox & Friends." Image: Fox News Channel.

Overcomer is the sixth feature film from Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick, the top filmmakers in the Christian genre, and it's also the most anticipated faith-based movie of the year. It hits the theaters on Friday, so the final marketing push is on. Today in New York City, the brothers and actress Priscilla Shirer stopped by the Fox News Channel for an interview on the Fox & Friends morning show.

Alex, who is the co-writer with Stephen as well as director and lead actor, explained to anchor Ainsley Earhardt, herself a devout Believer, that the film focuses on finding our identity in Christ. His character, John Harrison, is a successful high school basketball coach who loses most of his team after economic hardship hits their town and is then forced to take a job he doesn't want.

"He's given the cross-country program and he's given one girl with asthma to run, so he's frustrated. But it talks about how do we become what God made us to be and what do we have to overcome to get there."

Stephen Kendrick, who is also the producer of the movie, emphasizes that the underlying theme - finding our identity in Christ - is particularly important in today's society.

"I think this movie really is relevant for this generation. We've got so much confusion concerning identity, and people are wondering, "Why am I here, what's my value, what is my purpose?" And they're putting their value and indentity in things that can be taken away."

And that can lead to real instability, says Priscilla Shirer, who in addition to being an actress is a well-known Christian speaker and author. She echoes the importance of finding our identity in Christ and thus being "rooted in something solid that cannot change."

"This movie will introduce that concept to some and then reintroduce it to others."

The picture also stars Christian actors Cameron Arnett and Shari Rigby, and features the debut performance of teenager Aryn Wright-Thompson, who plays the role of Hannah Scott, the aforementioned "girl with asthma." The movie's soundtrack should be a good one: it has the smash hit You Say from Christian singer Lauren Daigle.

Overcomer will have preview night in select theaters Thursday and then launch its full theatrcial release Friday in 1,700 venues. Until then, you can check out the trailer below.


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