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Pre-Orders Underway for "The Chosen"

The second half of season one is now complete and just weeks away from release.

Paras Patel (left) as Matthew in a scene from "The Chosen."

Filmmakers of The Chosen, the first-ever multi-season drama about the life of Jesus, have completed post production of the inaugural season. Director Dallas Jenkins and his team put the finishing touches on episodes five through eight last week in Los Angeles and will release them right before Thanksgiving.

This series, which set the all-time crowdfunding record for a media project at more than $10 million, is being put out in a staggered manner; the first four episodes were released last spring. The last of those episodes ended with the Jesus character, played by Jonathan Roumie, orchestrating the miraculous catch of fish for Peter and Andrew at the Sea of Galilee and then calling them as disciples.

Jenkins gave a sneak preview to investors tonight of a clip from episode five, in which Jesus gathers the brothers and several other followers for a journey to Cana, the site of the famous wedding from the Gospel of John where he turned water into wine. Jenkins also shared a second clip - from episode six - of Matthew the tax collector discussing with his Roman superiors Jesus' miracle at the lake.

Jenkins, who is a committed Believer, then introduced his co-writers - Ryan Swanson and Tyler Thompson - and said the three of them spent the day mapping out storylines for season two. No word on exactly what those are or when we can expect the team to go into production. You can, however, now pre-order the final four episodes of season one via this link to the program's website. They will be shipped two days before Thanksgiving, meaning this might well make for a good Christmas gift. The proceeds will go to help fund season two.


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