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Phil Robertson Recounts Journey of Faith

The former "Duck Dynasty" star "hid out" for a year to break away from his old sinful lifestyle.

Phil Robertson in an episode of Blaze TV's "In the Woods with Phil." Image from the program's Facebook page.

Phil Robertson shot to fame - literally - on the A&E reality TV show Duck Dynasty, which ran from 2012 to 2017, and now has a show on Blaze TV called In the Woods with Phil. A professional hunter, inventor, entrepreneur and best-selling author, the 72 year old Louisiana native is first and foremost a committed and outspoken Christian.

In an interview with Fox News, he shares how he came to faith at the age of 28. A former star football player in college, Robertson was not on a good path to that point, often "getting high and drunk with the worst of them." After he got saved, the old crowd he hung around with repeatedly tried to pull him back to them. Robertson realized he needed to make a clean break with them and his past.

"I will say that I got an unlisted phone number and I sort of hid out the first year while I was getting on my spiritual feet."

Four decades later, Robertson is using his celebrity platform to regularly share the Gospel of Christ, something he views as his task, because "God speaks through his people," as he puts it. And he and Kay, his wife of 50 years, are demonstrating their faith through their actions, too.

"I’ve devoted my life to helping others. We go to them. The rehabs, the prisons, the downtrodden, the ones that no one would give a hoot about, the homeless…When we meet together we have food. We meet together on Sunday mornings."

There are some other real gems here, including Robertson's view of technology - a hint: he's kind of old-fashioned - and how God miraculously blessed his business, so you should check out the entire Fox News interview via this link. You can also find Robertson's latest book, The Theft of America's Soul, from publisher Thomas Nelson right here.


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