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Phil Robertson Learns of Adult Child from Extramarital Affair

The former "Duck Dynasty" star, and devout Believer, welcomes his 45-year-old daughter into the family with open arms.

Phil Robertson and his wife, Kay, in January, 2015. Image: A&E/Instagram.

Phil Robertson, who shot to fame on A&E network's Duck Dynasty reality TV show, is an outspoken Christian who readily talks about his reprobate lifestyle before he accepted Christ in his late 20s. In keeping with that openness, he publicly acknowledged this week, on his ironically named podcast Unashamed: With Phil Robertson, that he fathered a child back in the 1970s, evidently right before his conversion.

And the recent news initially came as a surprise to him after the 45-year old woman, whose name is Phyllis, reached out to the famous family with a DNA report pointing to Robertson as her likely father. When he got the word, Phil immediately agreed to be tested himself to find out the truth. The results came back 99.99% conclusive and that was that: Robertson told his sons, "It's a match. Bring her on down."

The whole Robertson clan then met with Phyllis to warmly welcome her into the family, and that includes Phil's wife, known to viewers of Duck Dynasty as "Miss Kay." In fact, in something of a prophetic word, Robertson said she had long told him "that someone will come out of your past," and that formerly wild lifestyle, though she suspected it would be a son. Since the couple already have four of those, Miss Kay says she's "so glad it's a girl, a daughter."

Robertson called the meeting with Phyllis one of "redemption, reconciliation, love." On the podcast, he summed up the whole situation by pointing to Scripture, referencing that well-known verse, Romans 8:28, and throwing in a little ad lib.

"We know that in all things - in all things, even sin - God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."

Wow, how heart-warming and edifying to see our Christian brothers and sisters living out their faith by extending love in a situation that could easily have been fraught with pain, recriminations and discord.

And this is not the end of the story, because that new daughter - who is married and has children, is also a Christian and has done international missions work - will join Miss Kay, the four Robertson sons and Phil on the next edition of his Unashamed podcast. The most recent show is below, in case you'd like to check it out. The issue at hand starts at 28:14 into the podcast and runs for just under 20 minutes.

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