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Personal Connection on "Palau: The Movie" Soundtrack

Grammy-winning Christian music star has the great evangelist to thank for his faith in Christ.

Matt Redman (L) at a recent appearance with North Carolina-based pastor Steven Furtick. Image from Instagram.

Palau: The Movie is a biopic about Luis Palau, the Argentina-born evangelist who has been in ministry for nearly six decades. Now 84, Palau moved to America as a young man to attend seminary, worked with Billy Graham and himself went on to share the Gospel of Christ with tens of millions of people all over the world.

One of those people was Matt Redman, now a contemporary Christian music star whose smash hit 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) won him two Grammy awards. He actually came to the Lord because of a Palau appearance and still is grateful, as he made clear in a recent social media post.

"Luis Palau has been a hero to me ever since the day I first heard him preach - and gave my heart to Christ."

Imagine what an honor it must have been for Redman to contribute to the film's soundtrack. His song is called Always Grace and he performs it together with another big name on the Christian music scene, Jaci Velasquez. A new artist named Kate Stanford - she just released her first EP, Bloom - is also featured on the soundtrack. Still just a high school student, she performs a song for the closing credit roll.

Palau: The Movie debuts tomorrow in both North and South America. This is a special release, so it will only play two days: April 4th and 6th. Make sure to plan accordingly.

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