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"Overcomer" Hits Box Office Milestone

The Christian film tops the $10 million mark after just five days in release.

The "Harrison Family" from "Overcomer." From left to right - Jack Sterner, Shari Rigby, Alex Kendrick & Caleb Kendrick. Image: Alex Kendrick/Instagram.

Overcomer is off to a strong start, having already doubled its $5 million production budget. That isn't much of a surprise, though, since this production from brothers Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick is the most anticipated Christian film of the year.

And it is making significant headway on the all-time box office list in the genre, too, right now occupying 35th place, according to Box Office Mojo. You'll never guess which movie sits one spot and $28,000 ahead of it...Facing the Giants! That's the 2006 picture that really launched the Kendrick Brothers, who are now the top filmmakers in the faith-based movie business.

Overcomer will race past that picture with today's revenues and it may well be in the Top-25 after this weekend. We'll have an update on Sunday night, so come back to find out where it stands.


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