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"Overcomer" Ever so Close to "Courageous"

The latest movie from the Kendrick Brothers is nipping at the heels of one of their previous hits.

Caleb Kendrick, Jack Sterner, Alex Kendrick & Shari Rigby in a scene from "Overcomer."

Overcomer brought in a whisker under $83,000 at the box office over the weekend, putting it in 30th place overall, according to The Numbers. The Christian film cost $5 million to make and has now earned almost $34.5 million in just over eight weeks in release.

The precise number is $34,483,438, which is important because that puts it exactly $38,783 behind the number 18 film in all-time box office revenue in the Christian genre. That picture, Courageous - the fourth feature from Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick - came out back in 2011.

Overcomer, their sixth movie, has been shedding theaters by the hundreds in recent weeks and is currently playing in only 146 venues, so it won't be around much longer. We'll go out on a limb, though, and predict it will wrest 18th place from Courageous before the curtain drops for the last time. Our guess? It'll happen this Friday.


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