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"Overcomer" Actress Echoes Movie's Message

Priscilla Shirer calls on believers to find their indentity in Christ.

Priscilla Shirer in a scene from "Overcomer."

Overcomer is the sixth film from the brother team of Christian moviemakers Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick. It comes out in late summer and stars, among others, Priscilla Shirer, who was also one of the main players in their last picture, War Room.

While Shirer is clearly a talented actress, her first calling is ministry and she leads one of her own: Going Beyond Ministries. She also happens to be the daughter of renowned pastor Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX, so she is a woman who is strong in the faith.

Overcomer tells the fictional tale of a coach who loses the job he loves, leading him to question his own worth. In an interview with The Christian Post, Shirer speaks to the importance of Christians finding our indentity in Jesus, not in careers or anything else.

"When those things fade or no longer appreciate, applaud, celebrate, or include us, we can be decimated because we've attached our significance to those things. So it's about re-centering our priority and rooting it in who we are in Christ in the same way."

To be clear, she is not saying that those other things are unimportant, only that they cannot occupy the throne in our lives. That place must be reserved for the Almighty.

"I am a woman, and that's important. I'm a woman of color, I'm a black woman. None of those things are dismissed or devalued. It just means that the moral compass of my life, the overarching agenda of my life, is going to be governed by the fact that I am made in the image of God."

A wise Christian sister, speaking truth. We recommend you check out her entire interview via this link to The Christian Post. You'll have to wait until August to catch her in Overcomer. That's a long way off, but there's good news: she has a role in a documentary from her father coming out this month. It's called Kingdom Men Rising and we did a write up on it here. That one hits theaters April 29th.


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