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One Week to "My Brother's Keeper" with T.C Stallings

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The Christian actor plays a soldier haunted by the memories of war.

T.C. Stallings and Keshia Knight Pulliam in a scene from the movie. Image: "My Brother's Keeper"/Collide Distribution.

With a writer and director who both are U.S. Army veterans - Ty Manns and Kevan Otto, respectively - My Brother's Keeper is bound to bring authenticity to the screen. The highly relevant focus of this faith-based tale is the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder, a struggle confronting huge numbers who have fought in America's wars over the years. (Full disclosure: We are friends with Otto, who served as producer of our 2020 feature, Miracle on Christmas).

Joey Lawrence and T.C. Stallings in a scene from the movie. Image: "My Brother's Keeper"/Collide Distribution.

In this movie, Travis Fox - the character played by T.C. Stallings - finds himself in a tortuous battle with his mind after returning home from a war in which he lost his best friend, a fellow Army Ranger played by Joey Lawrence. As the movie's synopsis explains, Stallings' character gets "support from church counselor Tiffany Robertson (Keshia Knight Pulliam) and slowly begins to rediscover his faith in God." Alas, other challenges await and his journey is evidently not an easy one.

Though we do not know whether Manns or Otto ever personally dealt with PTSD, they certainly understand the difficulties of accurately presenting such a storyline, having both been soldiers. And while Christian Film Blog hasn't seen My Brother's Keeper, we expect the group's esprit de corps to give the film quite a boost, because they have worked together before. This is the third time, in fact, that Manns and Otto collaborated on a movie together with Stallings...the others being A Question of Faith from 2017 and this year's Redeemed, which also stars Knight Pulliam.

My Brother's Keeper releases in theaters nationally on March 19th and you can find out where it's playing via this link to the movie's website. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a feel for what to expect.


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