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"October Baby" is worthy of an Encore Viewing

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

The unabashedly pro-life film debuted seven years ago this month and still delivers a powerful message thoughtfully told.

This inaugural effort from the Erwin Brothers - they of I Can Only Imagine fame - tells the tale of Hannah, a college student played by Rachel Hendrix, who survived an attempted abortion when she was born.

Early in the film, Hannah's life begins to unravel when she learns everything she thought to be true about childhood was misrepresented to her by her parents, who turn out to be adoptive. She then launches off on a quest to track down and confront her birth mother.

The story was inspired by a You Tube video about an actual abortion survivor, Gianna Jessen. According to Jon Erwin, he and his brother Andrew felt compelled to make the film because of Jessen.

"It's a tough issue to look at, but we thought, this needs to see the light of day. And just to see the life in her, how beautiful her life was, was mind-blowing."

The film also features Jasmine Guy, who turns in a strong performance as the nurse who took part in the botched abortion, and John Schneider, playing Hannah's adoptive father. Though this was the Erwins' lowest budget film, costing just $1 million, October Baby does not feel like it: the screenplay, cinematography and on-screen performances are quality movie-making (the film also generated $5.3 million at the box office.)

At heart, the picture is a testament to the value of each human life, showing, in this case, what Hannah, her parents and friends would have lost had she not survived the abortion procedure. It also powerfully - and believably - portrays God's ability to bring healing and forgiveness, through His grace, in even the most unforgivable circumstances.

If you have not seen October Baby, you should do so. For those who have, it loses none of its power in an encore viewing.

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