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New Release Date for "The Islands"

This true story about the arrival of Christianity in Hawaii will hit theaters in September.

Local warriors bear their spears in a scene from "The Islands."

From writer/director Tim Chey, a veteran of the faith-based movie genre, The Islands tells the story of the Hawaiian female chieftain - Kapiolani - who converted to Christianity in the early 1800s. That decision, and the heroism she later displayed in standing for her convictions, opened the way for the faith to move into the island chain.

That lead role is played by Teuira Shanti Napa, a Hawaii-based actress making her big screen debut. There are also many other locals in the film, but Chey brought in some big-name talent as well, including Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and John Savage, whose film credits stretch back to the late 1960s.

Shot entirely in Hawaii, the backdrops will of course be fantastic and should compliment what is a compelling story. Sorvino and Savage play the missionaries who introduce chieftain Kapiolani to Christianity. Once converted, she endeavors to end human sacrifice among her people and takes a very bold step of faith to do so: she goes into an active volcano, trusting God to save her. May we all be as true to our Heavenly Father when the time of testing comes!

The Islands, which was originally scheduled for release earlier this year, will now debut on September 20th. Until then, the trailer below will give you a feel for the picture, which does, indeed, look to have some stunningly beautiful scenes.


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