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New Movie in Production with Cheryl Ladd

The former "Charlie's Angels" star will play a lead role in this fourth installment of the "Cowgirls 'n Angels" franchise.

Cheryl Ladd (center) together with "A Cowgirl's Song" co-producers and fellow actors Shane Henry and Maggie McClure. Image: "A Cowgirl's Song"/Instagram.

Cheryl Ladd is going country in her latest project. It's a feature film called A Cowgirl's Song that is being shot right now in Oklahoma. The movie, from writer/director Timothy Armstrong, is a continuation of the Cowgirls 'n Angels series of films and Ladd is playing a widowed country music legend bringing up a teenaged granddaughter in challenging circumstances.

Cheryl Ladd in a social media post announcing her new movie role. Image: Cheryl Ladd/Instagram.

The committed Christian, who was one of the leads on the 1970s' hit TV series Charlie's Angels, says in a social media post that she's "very excited" about this new movie. Ladd also dons a cowboy hat, adding with a wink that she's "just getting in the mood."

Though not the star she was decades ago, the 69-year-old continues to land roles, having been featured in made-for-TV Christmas movies each of the last three years and playing a part in 2018 on the sitcom Malibu Dan the Family Man on Pure Flix, the Christian streaming platform, as we reported at the time.

A self-described "avid churchgoer," Ladd has been a Christian since childhood. In a recent interview with Fox News, she says as a girl she would "climb up the top of the tree and talk to God all the time." And her faith has helped immensely throughout her life, particularly in times of difficulty, which she knows God allows to happen for a greater purpose.

"It has been an interesting path – a lot of good, a lot of bumps, a lot of tough, learning moments. He (God) was with me the whole time. He lets us trip ourselves so we remember that he is in charge. I think that is a good thing, especially in our youth! When we aren't exactly thinking everything through."

She is quick to give full credit to the Lord despite the setbacks she's experienced, including eye surgery to remove cataracts. Ladd calls life "an amazing gift" in general.

"But sometimes you have astounding moments that make your soul sing. That is all God."

Amen, Christian sister! There are no details out yet about a release date for Ladd's new movie, A Cowgirl's Song, but Christian Film Blog will keep an eye on developments and bring you updates as warranted.


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