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Network News Notices "The Girl Who Believes in Miracles" Thanks to 98-Year-Old Producer

Larry Jaffe's story is so unusual that even so-called mainstream media like "NBC Nightly News" are covering it.

A graphic with Larry Jaffe (left) and Lester Holt from the news story about the film producer. Image: "NBC Nightly News."

Faith-based movies like The Girl Who Believes in Miracles are in the main ignored by America's non-Christian news outlets...we worked for three decades in the secular TV news business, including at NBC, so we know whereof we speak. It takes something pretty special for them to break through, particularly at the network level.

But in Larry Jaffe, this movie clearly has what it takes. He is almost assuredly cinema's only 98-year-old first-time producer and NBC Nightly News couldn't overlook something as good as that. So not only did they cover the story last night, but it was done by none other than Lester Holt, the show's anchorman, who even conducted a remote interview with him...that doesn't happen often.

We previously covered Mr. Jaffee's story here, so we won't rehash all the details in this article, other than to say that on top of being nearly a centenarian, he is also a World War II veteran and a retired marketing man now engaged in charitable work in Florida. In other words, this one has all elements that make it more than worthy of the minute and 47 seconds it got on NBC Nightly News yesterday. You can watch the story via this link to the newscast's website and see how they did.

As for the movie itself, it tells an uplifting tale about a girl whose prayers lead to miraculous answers and profoundly touch her small town. The picture stars Christian actor Kevin Sorbo, Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino and child actor Austyn Johnson (The Greatest Showman) in the lead role. It opens today in limited release around the country.


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