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Multitudes Come to Christ in Episode 8 of "The Chosen"

Season two of the streaming series reaches a climax with one of the most memorable moments of Jesus' earthly ministry.

George Xanthis, Jonathan Roumie and Abe Martell (from left) in a screenshot from Episode 8. Image: "The Chosen."

With The Sermon on the Mount serving as the focal point, The Chosen caps off its second season tomorrow night (July 11th) with episode number eight. As is clear from a trailer and social media posts, lead actor Jonathan Roumie will deliver the famous address to an enormous audience...literally thousands of extras took part in the scene.

Shahar Isaac and Lara Silva in a digital poster for Episode 8. Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Though Christian Film Blog was able to screen the episode early, we will refrain from giving away anything beyond what is already being advertised. In addition to the aforementioned details, the Apostle Peter, played by Shahar Isaac, will be reunited with his wife, Eden, portrayed by actress Lara Silva, as you can see in a digital poster from the program's social media accounts.

But by focusing on one of the biggest moments of Jesus' ministry, show creator/director Dallas Jenkins and his fellow writers are finally thrusting the character fully into the open, where he will face more direct confrontation from the Jewish religious authorities, which the trailer points to and is a clear reflection of Scriptural reality. That will also no doubt become a regular feature of the remaining five seasons of the program.

But that's getting ahead of ourselves because the finale of season two is still to come. It releases Sunday night at 8:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) and can be watched for free in all the usual places: the show's app - Android / Apple - its website and YouTube Channel. Jenkins will host the livestream event and it will also feature a visit from Montana-based pastor Levi Lusko and a chat with an as yet unnamed cast member.

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