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Steady Revenue from Fewer Theaters for "American Underdog"

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

This makes six weekends on the big screen and six Top-10 finishes at the box office for the faith-based film about Hall-of-Fame quarterback Kurt Warner.

Zachary Levi appears in a scene from "American Underdog."
Zachary Levi appears in a scene from "American Underdog." Image: Kingdom Story Company/Lionsgate.

American Underdog pulled off something unusual in the world of theatrically released movies: it maintained its weekend-to-weekend ticket revenue despite a drop in the number of venues showing the picture. The film - co-directed by the Christian brother duo of Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin - brought in $1.16 million from Friday through Sunday according to The Numbers website; that is down ever so slightly from last weekend's $1.17 million despite a loss of 51 theaters, about a two percent drop.

Having released on Christmas Day, the biopic about star Christian athlete Kurt Warner clearly has staying power, and it has brought in $24.7 million in total box office revenue thus far. His Cinderella story is indisputably a compelling one and the movie has no doubt been helped by good performances from a strong cast of prominent Hollywood actors like Zachary Levi, Oscar-winner Anna Paquin and Dennis Quaid.

Though it will certainly be in theaters for at least several more weeks, American Underdog also goes on sale in digital format this coming Friday, February 4th, which is something that usually takes a bite out of a film's box office numbers. It will be interesting to see how this movie holds up on that front.


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