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More Pearls of Wisdom From Kathie Lee Gifford

Her final week on morning TV keeps getting better and better.

Kathie Lee Gifford (center) enjoys a sendoff with her "Today" show colleagues. Image from program's website.

Just one day to go for Kathie Lee Gifford on NBC's Today show. She will end her 11-year tenure on the morning show with tomorrow's broadcast. Producers and colleagues have spent the week feting her in segment after segment and this morning, it was the turn of the third hour team.

Seated on what looked like a throne, Gifford spent the time reminiscing, including about her late parents, late husband Frank Gifford and their children. The outspoken Christian choked up with emotion as she gave thanks to the Lord for all the family and friends, including at Today, He has blessed her with.

"In this world of excess we live in...I am so grateful for the simple gifts God has given me. They're the ones you treasure. And that's the measure of a lifetime: the simple, sweet gifts from God."

One of her colleagues, Sheinelle Jones, summed it up nicely, saying Gifford is "a walking ministry." And though the veteran TV host will certainly continue to minister to others in her next career in moviemaking, that ministering Christian presence of hers will be sorely missed on morning TV in general and the Today show in particular when she goes.

You can watch the whole segment via this Today link. And remember, tomorrow is her final day.


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