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Message from Mike Lindell about "Church People"

The Christian businessman serves as an executive of this coming faith-based comedy.

Mike Lindell in a screenshot from a promotional video for "Church People." Image: Collide Media Group/YouTube.

Best known as founder and CEO of the My Pillow company and for his conservative political views, Mike Lindell is an increasingly active player in the faith-based movie business. In his latest endeavor, he is executive producer - and now pitchman - for Church People, a satirical take on modern church ministry that releases this weekend.

As we have previously mentioned, he was E.P. for the 2019 pro-life film Unplanned, which starred Christian actress Ashley Bratcher as abortion-clinic-director-turned-right-to-life-advocate Abby Johnson; Lindell also kicked in $1 million of the picture's $6 million production budget.

No word on his financial stake in Church People, but in a promotional video, the devout Believer speaks to the strength of the Body when we are together in Christ, adding that though the Church is not without flaws, it allows us to "be the hands and feet of God."

"This film reminds us all of our imperfections and how the good Lord still uses them together for His glory."

Church People stars Christian actor Stephen Baldwin, who also produced it, and features Erin Cahill, Thor Ramsey and Donald Faison in other leading roles. The movie will be a limited engagement Fathom Event and play for three days, starting this Saturday, March 13th. You can find a theater in your area via this link to the Fathom Event website.

We plan to post a review of the movie tomorrow here on our site, so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime, check out the entire promotional message from Mike Lindell.


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