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Mercy Me out at the Ball Park

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

The Christian rock band and lead singer Bart Millard, focus of the hit movie I Can Only Imagine, put on a show at Chase Field in Phoenix.

The group took to the field right after an Arizona Diamondbacks game. It was part of the team's Faith & Family Night which, in addition to the concert, included player testimonials.

Thousands of fans stayed after the game to take in the show. Several hundred were able to come down onto the field and up to the stage, which was set up in shallow center field. The stadium lights remained on for the concert, making it much brighter than at your average venue. Millard, who clearly doesn't mind poking a bit of fun at himself, said that was too bad because fans could see how just how fat he and his band mates actually were in the bright light, drawing a hearty laugh from the crowd.

Earlier this year, Christian filmmakers Andrew and Jon Erwin turned Bart Millard's story into the biopic I Can Only Imagine, a smash hit that generated $83 million at the box office on a production budget of just $7 million. The title of the movie was taken from Mercy Me's all-time number-one selling Christian hit single, I Can Only Imagine.

Millard and the band closed out the concert with that song, ending the night on a high note for Diamondbacks fans, whose team lost the game to the Seattle Mariners.


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