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Melissa Joan Hart Wants to be Sure "Jesus is Represented" throughout the Christmas Season

The Christian actress endeavors to keep her family's holiday focused on the reason for the Yuletide celebration.

Melissa Joan Hart in a scene from her new Lifetime TV movie "Mistletoe in Montana."
Melissa Joan Hart in a scene from her new TV movie "Mistletoe in Montana." Image: Lifetime/A&E Networks.

It's a busy end of the year for Melissa Joan Hart, with a new Christmas movie coming out on the Lifetime channel in December and lending her support to the Christian charity World Vision for its Christmas catalogue. And that's not to mention that the 45-year-old God's Not Dead 2 star is also a wife and mother of three boys between the ages of nine and 15.

In an interview on World Vision's website, Hart, underlines the importance of her faith, particularly at this time of year, saying that she strives to "focus on the center of Christmas: that Jesus came for us." And that is something she wants her family to prioritize by being certain "Jesus is represented in all elements of our Christmas."

"It can be tricky, but if you have the Christmas story, you're reading it often, you're going to church, you're keeping Christ at the center of it all, you can really remember the reason for the season."
Melissa Joan Hart three-bangle bracelet designed for and sold by World Vision.
Melissa Joan Hart's three-bangle bracelet. Image: World Vision.

Her devotion to the Faith in large measure explains her on-going relationship with World Vision, which - in Christ-like fashion - seeks to help the poor and oppressed around the globe both materially and by sharing the Gospel. Hart, who traveled to Zambia on a relief trip with the charity earlier this year, has designed a bracelet that is available to purchase in the organization's annual gift catalogue. It is made up of three brass bangles connected by a heart and features the words "Hope," "Faith," and "Love," which come from I Corinthians 13:13 in the New Testament of The Bible. The item costs $100 and proceeds from sales will be used by World Vision in their fight against poverty; you can purchase the bracelet via this link to the catalogue.

As to her aforementioned professional endeavor - that made-for-TV movie - it's entitled Mistletoe in Montana and in it Hart plays the owner of a dude ranch. The picture unsurprisingly has a romantic element and her character falls for a bachelor father who brings his children to the facility for Christmas. It airs on Lifetime December 17th at 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CST and you can check out the trailer here.


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