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Meet the Couple that Inspired "Indivisible"

Darren and Heather Turner are the husband and wife behind the movie.

This faith-based film from director David Evans (The Grace Card) tells the true story of the Turners' battle to save their marriage after Darren's return from the Iraq War, where he served as a chaplain in the US Army.

They are played on screen by Justin Bruening and Sarah Drew, both formerly of Grey's Anatomy, and the film goes back and forth between scenes of Darren's 15-month deployment and Heather's raising their three young children and engaging and encouraging other military wives on the home front.

In an interview with Fox News, the Turners say they kept a blog about their experience. That came to the attention of Evans and he approached them about turning their story into a movie. Darren acknowledges they never imagined that possibility and, though they like the film, it is difficult to get used to seeing actors playing them on screen.

"Hearing people called our names who aren't us, our kids' names being spoken by people who aren't us - but pretending to be us - it's still surreal."

Heather Turner adds that their loved ones, who lent them tremendous support during their marital difficulties, are happy about the movie.

"Our family are excited. They are glad to see that the redemption of our marriage is blessing other people."

Heather and Darren, of course, are both believers and he is still serving as a chaplain in the US Army, based at Fort Bragg, NC. Though this film is about him, he is quick to give the glory to God.

"Indivisible, the title of the movie, that is not reflective of Darren and Heather Turner. The real hero of this is God. Without His Spirit in our lives and without His power of redemption and reconciliation in our life, we would not be sitting here today."

Indivisible, out now in theaters nationwide, is both quality movie-making and a powerful story. Christian Film Blog recommends you see it. Check out our review here.


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