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"Magnolia Table" with Joanna Gaines Okayed for More Seasons

The "Fixer Upper" star launched the cooking show at the beginning of this year as part of her coming Magnolia Network.

A screenshot of Joanna Gaines hosting "Magnolia Table." Image: Magnolia Network.

Good news for all those Joanna Gaines fans out there...she has 13 million followers on Instagram, so there are lots of them: Magnolia Table has gotten the green light for two more seasons, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The second season will become available this spring and the third follows in the summer.

The Fixer Upper star kicked off season one of this new program in January on the Discovery Plus streaming platform, but eventually the show will move over to Magnolia Network, the new channel from Joanna and Chip Gaines. Discovery, the parent company, will launch the Christian couple's network digitally in July and then on cable TV in 2022. That debut was initially scheduled for last fall, but coronavirus-related delays in production pushed it back.

The first of episode of season two of Magnolia Table becomes available April 9th, with a new one following weekly on Fridays. You need to be a subscriber of Discovery Plus to watch and the service starts at $4.99 per month; you can check into the details via this link to the platform's website.


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