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Looks Like Good News for Priscilla Shirer

A somewhat vague social media post seems to indicate the Christian actress has been released from the hospital.

Priscilla Shirer in a scene from the Kendrick Brother's movie "Overcomer." Image: Affirm Films.

Priscilla Shirer underwent surgery earlier this week in a Dallas-area hospital to remove part of her lung because of a dangerous growth. This morning, she posted a very simple image on Instagram featuring the word "Home" and a purple heart, which you can see below.

Priscilla Shirer's social media post from this morning. Image: Priscilla Shirer/Instagram.

The prayers and support from Believers for the 45-year-old evangelist and Overcomer actress has been overwhelming. As an indicator, a post that we at Christian Film Blog put up on social media about Shirer's condition a couple of days ago got more comments - many of them prayers for her - than for anything else we have ever posted. The outpouring of love prompted her father, and well-known Dallas pastor, Tony Evans to call it "a glimpse of the Body of Christ in action," and we second the motion.

As for Shirer herself, she, too, is thankful for the prayers of fellow Christians. In her Instagram post this morning, she expressed that gratitude with the following short missive and an emoji showing a pair of hands clasped together in prayer .

"Thank you so much for whispering my name to the Father. I'm so grateful. 🙏🏽"

Christian Film Blog will update you as warranted on Priscilla Shirer's situation. In the meantime, please continue to keep our Christian sister in your prayers.


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