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Kirk Cameron Launches 30-Day Prayer Campaign

The Christian actor hopes to combat coronavirus-inspired fear and anxiety currently gripping the nation.

Kirk Cameron leading a prayer during his "Living Room Reset" tour last year. Image: Kirk Cameron/Instagram.

Kirk Cameron is calling on Believers nationwide to join him in prayer. Earlier this week, the former Growing Pains star launched the initiative, which he's calling "Faith Strong," in an effort to help refocus people's hearts and minds on God, reminding them that, "He's not intimidated and we trust Him."

The letter postponing Cameron's "Living Room Reset" tour. Image: Kirk Cameron/Instagram.

Cameron isn't, however, ignoring the realities of the illness, which has claimed 1,800 lives in the U.S. and more than 29,000 around the globe, and is in fact praying specifically for the Lord to protect people in general and high-risk groups - like the elderly - in particular. And because of the coronavirus, the actor even decided to postpone his own Living Room Reset tour, an on-going family and marriage ministry outreach.

He does not want the situation to paralyze him or others in fear, though, so he is bringing the matter before the Lord. In his first social-media-posted prayer, he lifted up the president, governors and other political figures now leading efforts to combat the virus. He also specifically addressed the issue of fear.

"Fear you are not welcome. You are not going to set up a residence in my mind. You have no incubator in our imagination. You're not welcome here. There's no room for fear in our minds, in our hearts. In Jesus' name, go!"

Cameron, who thinks God may "reformat" our nation and "transform our hearts and minds" through this challenging time, plans to do a live daily prayer via his Instagram account, addressing particular subjects related to the coronavirus each time. If you'd like to join him in the 30-day campaign, you can do so via this link to his page.


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