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Kevin Sorbo Takes on Atheism

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The Christian actor teams up with a widely respected apologist for the Faith in a new documentary.

Kevin Sorbo and John Lennox in a scene from "Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science." Image: Fathom Events.

What irony that Kevin Sorbo, who played an atheist professor in his biggest faith-based movie, the 2014 hit God's Not Dead, is now teaming up with a Christian professor to lay out the scientific evidence for the existence of God. The Christian actor joins forces with renowned British mathematician John Lennox to make the scientific case for faith over unbelief in Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science.

The documentary will no doubt showcase Lennox's rare combination of humility and erudition. As to the latter, he is professor emeritus of mathematics at Oxford University and a prolific author of books about Christianity, atheism, creation and morality. He is also a stout defender of the faith, having squared off in public debate fora against the heaviest of heavy hitting proponents of atheism, e.g., Dawkins, Hitchens, Krauss and Atkins.

Though resolute in his positions, Lennox is nothing like the coarse partisans who drive people away from the Faith with the heat of their opinions, but rather is a kind grandfatherly figure equipped to convince as much by the grace with which he imparts his views as by the urbane nature of the argumentation itself. And as a soundbite from the movie's trailer makes clear, Lennox aims high.

"I do argue that there is evidence for the existence of an intelligent God behind the universe. Christianity answers the question, 'Who is this God?'"

It is not often that a physical presence the likes of Kevin Sorbo - he's 6'3'' and wasn't cast as the lead in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys for nothing - is overshadowed, particularly by a 76-year-old academic. And while Christian Film Blog has not yet seen this documentary, to be the sidekick of such a towering intellect as that of John Lennox is necessarily to put oneself in a position of playing second fiddle. In the trailer, Sorbo seems to fill the role of facilitator, asking questions of Lennox and steering the narrative, so we will trust that Scottish director Iain Morris, who has done many such projects with the professor, got the balance right.

Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science hits theaters nationwide on November 19th in a one-night special engagement from Fathom Events. You can find a venue near you via this link to their website. In the meantime, the trailer below will give you a better sense of what to expect.


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