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Kevin Quinn of "A Week Away" Found God again While in "the Darkest Pit"

The star of this Christian musical says it helped him on his journey toward rediscovery of his faith.

Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison in digital poster art for the movie. Image: Netflix.

A Week Away has proven to be a big hit for Netflix since it debuted on the streaming platform in late March, jumping into the top-10 around the globe as we reported here. The movie stars Kevin Quinn and is set in a Christian summer camp where his bad-boy character, Will Hawkins, falls for the camp director's daughter, played by co-star Bailee Madison.

At the time of production in Nashville, TN, the now 23-year-old Quinn was dealing with what he calls "a bit of an existential crisis," telling HollywoodLife he had endured "some health struggles" and was grieving "for the second time when I lost a friend," leading to doubts about "the very existence of God." Eventually, though, that trying time drew him deeper into his Christian faith.

"It sounds so cliche. But when I was in the darkest pit, that is where I found God again. So that alone shifted my worldview, and I felt like A Week Away was part of that journey because it came into my life at the perfect time when I was rediscovering my faith."

Quinn is also grateful to Madison, calling her "the best shooting partner I could ask for," adding she "pushed me towards a better performance." A key personality trait of hers proved to be a big help.

"Bailee is a very patient person...When I was going through all that stuff and taking it into filming, she was so receptive."

The two young actors definitely have good on-screen chemistry, as you can see in the movie - available exclusively on Netflix - which is replete with dance numbers and remakes of hit Christian songs. Check out the full interview Quinn gave to HollywoodLife here to find out how he landed this role and to get his thoughts on a possible sequel.


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