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Jordan Ross of "The Chosen" Joins Cast of "Washington's Armor"

One of the apostles in the hit streaming show about the life of Christ, he will now tackle the role of an 18th century French military officer.

Jordan Ross (center) as the apostle James in a scene from "The Chosen." Image: "The Chosen"/Instagram.

Fans of The Chosen know Jordan Ross for his portrayal of the apostle James on that faith-based show. While the team behind the program raises funds to shoot season three, the Texas native has signed up for another period piece that is seventeen hundred years and half the globe removed from first century Palestine.

He will play a French military man, Captain La Force, in Washington's Armor, a Christian production about the early career of George Washington. The drama in this feature film is set 20 years before the American Revolution, when the future first president was still a loyal subject of the British Crown and an active participant in the French and Indian War, the struggle for supremacy between Britain and France in the New World colonies.

In a marked departure from his role as a man of God in The Chosen, Ross' new character is a villain. During a livestream interview (Ross hits at 1:05:00 into it) with Washington's Armor director Tammy Lane, the actor says he's "up for the challenge." And when he announced the new role today on social media, he made clear he's really looking forward to it.

"I am swapping out my Hebrew accent with a French accent & get to be a sleazy, bad guy for a change! I had a blast just taping the audition so I can’t wait to get on set and to do it for real!"

Ross will also continue in his role on The Chosen, which should launch production of season three in the fall. As for Washington's Armor, Lane and team plan to make it a trilogy and aim to release the first of the three films - The Journey - around Thanksgiving.

That, of course, is provided they can raise the financing to finish the inaugural installment. They have already shot 65% of it, but still need approximately $2.7 million to finish and this morning kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise $640,000 of that figure. If you'd like to contribute, you can do so via this link to the movie's Indiegogo page.


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