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"Indivisible" Sees a Jump in Weekend Box Office Revenue

The Christian film doubles its money from the previous weekend, coming in 59th place overall.

Director - David Evans, Darren Turner, Justin Bruening, Producer - Darren Moorman.

Indivisible, now in its 8th week, brought in $3,600 from Friday through Sunday, according to Box Office Mojo; that puts the David Evans-directed film over the $3.5 million mark all told. Though that's well above its $2.3 million production budget, it is still a long way from doubling its money, which is what most movies need to do to become profitable.

The jump in revenue is likely due to an increase in the film's theater count, which also doubled, going from seven to 14. An increase at this stage is a bit unusual since the number of theaters showing a film typically drops the longer it's out.

Starring Justin Bruening and Sarah Drew, this picture tells the true story of US Army chaplain Darren Turner and his struggle to save his marriage after a long deployment in Iraq. With a strong cast and Christian message, it is well worth going to see, provided you can still find a theater showing it.


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