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"Indivisible" Nears $3.5 Million in Box Office Revenue

The question is whether the Christian film can get there before it wraps up its theatrical run.

It brought in $1,750 this past weekend, which is good for 65th place overall, according to Box Office Mojo. That puts Indivisible only about $4,000 short of $3.5 million, so you would think it could pull it off.

But the film now is showing in just seven theaters and its website is already advertising the release date for DVD and digital sales, meaning it won't be on the big screen much longer.

Indivisible covered its $2.3 million production budget by its second weekend in release and should more than double it once it becomes available for purchase at the end of January. Doubling the budget is an important marker in the movie business because most films need to achieve that to become profitable.

A biopic about a US Army chaplain's fight to save his marriage after a tough deployment to Iraq, the movie stars Justin Bruening and Sarah Drew and is the second feature film from director David Evans.


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