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"I Still Believe" Touching Lives for the Kingdom

The Christian film suffered a stunted theatrical release because of the coronavirus, but it is nevertheless helping lead people to faith in Jesus.

K.J. Apa, Shania Twain and Gary Sinise in a scene from "I Still Believe." Image: Kingdom Story Company.

As we reported here, I Still Believe went on sale in all formats last week, less than two months after it debuted in movie theaters. It was, of course, the coronavirus-induced closure of those venues that turned the film's schedule upside down, prompting the precipitous launch of DVD, Blu-ray and digital sales.

Jon Erwin, co-director of "I Still Believe." Image: Kingdom Story Company.

Jon Erwin and Andrew Erwin, the brother duo behind the movie, had concerns about releasing the picture as planned on March 13th, because of the illness. In an interview with Christian Headlines, Jon points out, however, that life is replete with "things that you can't control and things that don't go according to plan," adding, "It's sort of fitting," in this instance because of the movie's subject matter.

The picture tells the real-life love story of Christian musician Jeremy Camp and his late wife Melissa. After her death from cancer, which came just months into their marriage, Camp wrote the song "I Still Believe," from which the movie takes its title, about his refusal to be shaken in his faith despite suffering that personal tragedy.

Most studio movies like this one, which was the first film from the Erwins' Kingdom Story Company under its deal with Lionsgate, would spend at least three months in theaters, followed by other revenue-making phases before finally coming out on sale. But in his interview, Jon Erwin says that despite this unusual roll-out, the Lord is using the picture to spread the message of salvation to the lost.

"We keep hearing stories of people coming to faith in Christ or being encouraged by the movie or finding hope while watching the movie."

I Still Believe is available for purchase everywhere major films are sold and we recommend you buy a copy, especially if you haven't seen it yet. If you'd like to read the full article at Christian Headlines, you can do so via this link to their website.


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